Christmas Decorating Ideas 2019 : Christmas Decor Trends

One of the biggest decisions in our house this time of year…what will our Christmas tree look like this year?  How do we want to decorate for Christmas.  I have to admit, that being a blogger, it’s a bit hard to stick to traditional Christmas decor every year because there is always something new and fun to showcase, and let’s face it…I’m here to do my best to inspire you…so we need to have something a bit different each year, right? We have several trees that we have collected over the years, and so we still have our kid’s tree, a more traditional family room tree, and another one that we’ll start this year…our travel tree with ornaments that we have collected on our travels around the world. The living room tree is the one that gets the fun new treatment every year, and it’s always a treat to try and come up with beautiful and slightly different Christmas decorating ideas. I like to watch Christmas decor trends, but really, I just prefer to come up with something I think will be pretty, and run with it! My initial Christmas decorating ideas 2019 edition, started with black.

Christmas decorating ideas 2019

I have been working with so much black and white over in the Midway Modern Farmhouse, it has really influenced my design choice in a lot of ways this year.  I love black. If you took a look at my closet, you would know that’s true. 🙂 I went back and forth between two different ideas.  Peach black and gold, and black, green, gold and blue. Which one do you like best? 

Christmas decorations DIYI love them both…and I think they will both be stunning, but ultimately it came down to the fact that I did a pastel palette last year with pinks and blush…so the green and black had it.  I have just been feeling like something bold and I want to mix it in with some pretty leather pillows that I already own. As I’ve been shopping for decor, the blue has kind of faded to the background and the black, green, gold and leather has really taken over…and I couldn’t be more excited to put it all together!

I’ll be using the same flocked tree in the living room this year.  You might remember me picking it up last year and unboxing it on Instagram. It’s messy…like any good flocked tree…but I love it! Nothing a quick vacuuming can’t fix after setting it up! It is available again this year and it is such a great tree. I’ve picked up some black and white ribbon in paid and stripes, some gorgeous green velvet ribbon at HomeGoods and a few other things at Hobby Lobby and such.  Most of what I have so far you can find here, just click on any affiliate image link for more product information. 

I am dragging the tree up from the basement tomorrow and getting this party started! I can’t wait to show you the final result of this stunning color combination. I hope that if you’re looking for some Christmas decorating ideas this year, these are helpful.  I know picking a color scheme and or a theme is really the hardest part.  Once you decide what you want, it’s easy to start pulling things together. I hope you are feeling inspired by this color scheme.

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You can check out our last year’s Christmas Kitchen here and our last year’s family room all dressed up for the holidays here.  

Happy decorating!


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Christmas decorating ideas 2019

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