DIY Summer Tote Bags

I was at Target a couple of weeks ago and found this super cute tote bag.  I am always looking for cute bags to tote around all of my things, especially during summertime when we are back and forth from the pool and the beach.  There are tons of cute tote bags at the store, but it’s even more fun, and not very hard, to dress one up and customize it a bit.  For this DIY you’ll need a cute tote bag, an embroidery needle and some pretty, coordinating colors of embroidery floss (this one is a good basic starter pack)  Here is the bag I purchased.

tote bags

You can do this to any bag, but it was extra easy to add a little color to this straw bag because the weave is so loose on the straw you can get the thread and needle through it super easily.  There is no need to follow a pattern, or do anything specific, just sew where your little heart desires and add color to your tote.  Tie your thread in a knot inside the bag and start sewing.

tote bags

tote bags

I just wanted to add a little pop of pink to the top of the bag, so I sewed along the top…

tote bags

DIY Summer Tassel Tote

I used this tutorial to create a couple of handmade tassels using the embroidery floss, and tied them onto the leather straps…

tote bags

Isn’t that cute?  If you don’t feel like “DIY”ing your own bag, there are tons of cute and colorful tote bags out right now.  Here are some of my favorites:


tote bags

This one is SO cute and already comes embroidered and with tassels.  If you are looking for something a little sturdier that will last for several seasons and go with everything, this faux leather tote is super cute and priced right at only $56.

tote bags

I love projects like this tote bag because DIY doesn’t mean you have to make everything from scratch, it’s great to just take a few minutes and customize something a bit to make it more “you.”

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