Interior Design: DIY Turning Canvas Art into Framed Art for Your Home

canvas art featured

A little secret about me…I have a HARD time finding art for my home.  Are any of you in that same boat?  My walls are pretty bare because I’m a bit of a commitment phob when it comes to actually hanging something.  Another secret…I’m not a huge fan of wrapped canvas art.  Not the pictures themselves, but just the presentation.  When I’m shopping at HomeGoods and other places I see lots of pretty pieces, but I don’t usually buy them because I don’t want a canvas on my wall.  Well, I decided to do something about it. 😉  A few months ago I found a canvas at my local HomeGoods that was super cool.

canvas 1

I loved the actual art, but again, it was on a canvas.  Because I had been hunting for something with these exact colors…and the combination is one that’s hard to find, I broke down and bought the canvas.  Then it sat.  In my garage.  For months.  I realized that I either had to figure out a different way to use it or it was going to go completely to waste.  That gave me the courage to do something drastic.  I pulled the canvas off of it’s frame, and CUT it up. YIKES!  But, let me tell you, it was a little liberating. 😉  I had a white gallery frame matter for an 11×14 image so I found a section of the image that I wanted and cut out an 11×14 piece.

canvas art 2

Once it was cut out I framed it and put it on my desk. I LOVE it!

canvas 2

Figuring out this little trick has opened up a whole new world of art to me! 🙂 The bottom line is, that now I can buy discounted pieces of art and a frame to frame it in, for less than I can just buy a framed image most places. I found this canvas for $39.99 and the frame for $14.99, so for less than $60 I have a piece of art and I can use the canvas to make more if I want to.

canvas 3

I hope you are feeling inspired to look at canvas art in a whole new light. 🙂
Have a great day!

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Canvas art featured

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