Interior Design: Taking your cereal bowl out of the kitchen

cute cereal bowls and ways to use them outside the kitchen

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up in a house where eating anywhere outside of the kitchen was a big no-no.  It still is as a matter of fact.  When I go visit my parents I have to make sure to re-program myself to only eat at the kitchen table.  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s ok to take your cereal bowl out of the kitchen.  🙂  Ok…maybe not with cereal in it, but you can use it for all kinds of other fun things. 🙂  There are so many fun bowls out right now, it’s a great way to add a punch of trendy color to your space without busting the budget.  I picked this cute bowl up in a set of 2 from HomeGoods (they even came in a mismatched set…even better!) for about $5.  Deal!  Here are a few easy ways to add these into your décor…

In the kitchen…

Of course your kitchen is the heart of the home, but it also means (if you’re anything like our family) that it’s the clutter capital of the home.  🙂  Contain kitchen clutter like change, keys and other small items that find their way home in pockets by putting a bowl in a spot where people usually like to empty those pockets.

interior design ideas how to use fun tribal inspired bowls in your home decor

If they aren’t emptying their pockets in the kitchen, then chances are they are in the bedroom. 🙂 I constantly find myself taking off rings and small jewelry to do everyday household chores and such. It’s helpful to have a place to put these small, easily lost items so I know where I can find them again. 🙂 Organize a little spot on your dresser or bedside table to catch rings, earrings and bracelets when you’re showering, sleeping or doing chores.

jewelry catch all quick and easy ways to decorate your home on a budget interior design ideas 2

Another great use for these fun bowls? As a vase! Fresh flowers make any home look amazing, and with a small vase, you don’t need that many. Grab a bunch of hydrangeas for as little as $3 and you won’t have to know how to arrange anything either! Simply cut the stem (under water so they’ll live longer) and pop into your bowl full of water.

flowers cute and unique ways to use bowls in your home decor

I hope these quick and easy ideas will inspire you to raid your kitchen cupboards for your next home accent! 😉

interior design ideas HomeGoods Designer
Have a great day!

(I am currently participating on a HomeGoods Pinterest team and this is a sponsored post)


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Cute cereal bowls and ways to use them outside the kitchen

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